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Dissociative Identity Disorder

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Dissociative identity disorder or Multiple personality disorder simply means different personalities in a single person , but many of us actually shock that how’s it happen , I mean I’m some kind of ghost or multiple humans, many of us think that all this is in our imagination or its was not true . But unfortunately this multiple personality disorder is true and it is proved by the various scientist in various countries across the world through their case study , that multiple personality disorder or in a scientific name i.e. Dissociative identity disorder a kind of mental disorder in which persons feel a host inside his body.

Dissociative identity disorder is a state of mental illness usually finds in various persons , actually, it is very rare to see basically, in dissociative multiple personalities or in general we call it multiple personality disorder in this a person feels multiple personalities in their own ,or sometimes they feel an out of body experiences. At that time a person change to his actual personality to another i.e, its goes to a transformation into some other kind of state , person or sex . It doesn't matter at how much time he or she maintaining that personality on themselves.
Dissociative identity disorder
Dissociative Identity Disorder

In this disorder what happen is there is two or sometimes more than two different personalities were controls the individuals body according to what they wanted to do ,they completely make a person feel out of the body experience and a total control by the another personality.
Actually, why I am telling this phenomenon to be rare in human species because we all have bunch of good or bad past record some emotional links was present and they make a deep experience in our inner soul and it makes you an emotional to that thing , person , etc. which you experience in your past. Sometimes a person in their childhood was not treated or mistreat in a manner of emotions , feelings point of view or a mistreat or emotionally abuse by some person like his teacher, parents etc. and that feeling make a deep place in their mind and which was unforgotten by him.

Actually, dissociative identity disorder is a type of mental sickness in mental illness condition what happen is we feel various problem it depends on person level or how they tackle it ,some normal mental illness include a headache , anxiety or etc. but it becomes huge condition when it not providing a proper guide or take care of multiple personality disorder, sleep disorder, dissociative amnesia, depersonalization etc.

Sometimes the person with multiple personalities can alter to different personality with a sort of time and those personalities are totally different from the previous mood of that person , suppose a person in a very jolly mood talking to their friends suddenly with the change of personality the mood of the person will also change . It being noticed that with this quick change of personalities the person become totally different, they feel a spilled memory and a complete vanish off the past memory.

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